Socks and Tights Manufacturer from Turkey

BMSOCKS is a company specialized in knitted socks and tights production. We have years of experience in private label manufacturing.

We have produced millions of socks for many European brands so far and wouldn't be surprised if we hear that you are wearing socks produced by one of our machines. This is the right place to benefit our unparallel experience and quality standards.

We have the ability and capacity to produce any types of socks from baby to outdoor and technical socks. If you are looking for Happy Socks or Stance kind of socks manufacturer in Turkey please contact us any time.

We mainly produce socks starting with the technical and design documents provided by our customers. We also have plenty of styles we design and produce ourselves.

Turkey is the second largest country in the world after China in knitted socks and tights manufacturing. We have the advantage of being very close to Europe and sustained quality process over China. As a company in such a country and thanks to our approved list of outsourcing companies we are able to produce any order volume with no limits.

You get the best quality production process and professional communication. We are here just to make your life easier.

Send a few sample styles now to get quotation